Wednesday 25 May 2022

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The NED Certificate


All aspirant or new Non-Executive Directors who will benefit from showing their knowledge and understanding of the role


45 - 60 minutes

(can be adapted for your organisation if required)


The test can be taken at any point on your home or office computer, as long as you have a working internet connection.

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Product Details

The NED Certificate is organised and run by our partner organisation The Non-Executive Directors' Association.  

A 60 minute, 30 question test The Certificate draws all of it's questions from the Non-Executive Directors' Handbook and we recommend this is purchased ahead of taking the test, so as to help guarantee the best possible success.

The Handbook and the test reflect legislation and regulation, including the UK Corporate Governance Code, guidance on board effectiveness, and developments in reporting by companies.

The certificate costs just £125 per person, and is used by large businesses, organsiations and institutes to certify their NEDS, Company Secretaries, Board Members and Governance Experts.

Key features of the test include:

  • An online bank maintained up-to-date based on our Non-Executive Directors' Handbook, made up of over 130 questions.
  • Questions created by our world-renowned experts.
  • Most questions offer four choices of solution, and there are questions requiring computation/application as well as testing knowledge.
  • Instant reporting of results.
  • Ability to take the test twice.

Alternatively we can customise our test for your organisation - this includes customisable options such as:

  • Personalised log-in screen
  • Adaptable Test Length and number of questions
  • Customisable reporting features

We also offer specialised organisation pacakges, and would be happy to discuss these further.

If you are interested in finding out more about this product for your organisation please contact us.

Product Details

NED Certificate
Non-Executive Directors' Association
Non-Executive Directors' Association

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